Nastrificio Victor

You’re wearing a Victor woven tape


nastrificio_victorWoven tapes, cords and braids, coloured ribbons and bows, trims and pipings. Nastrificio Victor is all this and much more. It is a company operating in Padua, Italy that evolved from a small family business, it is now one of the leading, most prestigious suppliers to the top fashion brands in Italy and abroad. Nastrificio Victor has always believed in the importance of woven tapes and fabric accessories, in view of the value-added these details bring to haute couture garments. Nastrifico Victor bases its business on simple concepts, attention to every detail and passion for quality, tackling the industrial woven tape production process with a creativity that makes its approach to mass production unique. Stylistic values and unbeatable performance are the main features of Nastrificio Victor, that grows and expands on solid foundations of the reliability assured by a family-owned business that aims increasingly to concentrate on the provision of products of ever-higher quality.
 Nastrificio Victor’s international success is the outcome of hard work and dedication, and the innovative drive that has always powdered its operations. Throughout its history, it has never ceased to invest in creativity in technology, and that’s is why it can now look to the future with confidence. New materials combined together, new fibres, new colours, new plants and new production machinery: this is Nastrificio Victor today. And it is also the starting-point for the future, the organisation’s constant focus.
 The company currently exports its products not only in Europe but worldwide, giving all clients the possibility of using Victor articles even on garments made up abroad.
 Nastrificio Victor is pleased to have obtained Oeko Tex Class I and Class II certification, which certifies the quality of textile products for making clothing and items for children that come in direct contact with the skin. It has also earned certification of its management system of safety and health in the workplace according to the OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard. An organization program has been initiated that will lead Nastrificio Victor to obtain environmental management system certification according to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard, as well as social responsibility according to the SA 8000 standard.



Our History

Made in Italy from 1945


nastrificio_victor_storiaNastrificio Victor was created on the inspiration of the entrepreneur Vittorio Rossi in 1945. He decided to leave the business to concentrate on other challenges in the early Eighties, but the company remained in the family: the young Regina Bertipaglia, wife of the founder’s son, took up the reins and today she still manages the firm with enthusiasm and passion. The generational handover radically changed the entire Nastrificio Victor organisation. Thanks to the young businesswoman’s feminine intuition, in thirty years Nastrificio Victor has become a woven tapes industry leader. Nastrificio Victor was founded to produce tapes for tailors and haberdashers, for use in hand-working for traditionally made garments. In addition to this specialisation, Nastrificio Victor has set out to apply the old styles in woven tape use to the garment industry. Thanks to this spirit of combining tradition and innovation, Nastrificio Victor has gradually acquired impressive shares not only on the domestic market but also internationally. The collections have gradually focused more and more on increasingly elaborate, sophisticated vintage and other articles and products. These changes have enabled Nastrificio Victor to grow the size and speed of its production side, thus expanding its workforce.