Fabrics piping tapes

Fabrics piping tapes
Fabrics piping tapes

Victor has been producing fabrics piping tapes for almost 70 years.
In 1945, Vittorio Rossi Luciani founded a small textile workshop that was destined to become one of the principal Italian tape manufacturers. Initially, the workshop supplied tailors and fabric shops in the province of Padua.
Customers were immediately won over by the attention to detail, the high quality of the yarns and the unique design of the tapes.
About thirty years ago the management of the company passed into the hands of Regina Bertipaglia, who still holds the position of managing director today. Regina’s contribution was crucial: through investment in research and innovation, the company was able to establish itself as a major supplier of textile tapes on the international market.
The main added value of Victor’s products lies in the company’s ability to manufacture small batches of articles, which evoke traditional manufacturing techniques.
This has also been a factor in the company’s success in the vintage and other niche sectors.
The piping tapes are made with cotton yarn, polyester, polyamide nylon and are available in several versions: rigid, flexible, solid, striped, or with jacquard stitching. Learn more about our fabrics piping tapes by visiting our website.