Garment tape manufacturers

Garment tape manufacturers
Garment tape manufacturers

When it comes to garment tape manufacturers, Victor is second to none.
The company took its first steps as a family-run workshop supplying local tailors and haberdashers.
Investment in quality and the diversification of its product range, helped Victor to become one of the preferred partners of prestigious fashion houses such as Hugo Boss. The company’s strengths include the high level of workmanship and the ability to manufacture its products even in small batches.
Following the takeover in the eighties, the management of Victor passed into the hands of Regina Bertipaglia, the founder’s young daughter-in-law.
Thanks to its know-how, and the typically Italian style of its products, the company was able to establish itself in new markets, such as the Far East.
All Victor tapes are Oeko-Tex ® Class 1 certified, which means they are suitable for use on children’s clothing and accessories.

The company is one of the top Italian garment tape manufacturers.