Polyamide tape for clothes

Polyamide tape for clothes
Polyamide tape for clothes

Victor is specialized in polyamide tape for clothes production.
These items are among the company’s flagship products.
Available in over 40 standard and 35 sample colors, Jacquard or solid colour, as well as heather gray, polyamide tapes are soft and extremely comfortable, which makes them suitable for use on underwear and swimwear.
Since 1945, when it was founded by the “patriarch” Vittorio Rossi Luciani, the company has always used the best quality raw materials to produce superior quality tapes for clothing.
Over the past thirty years, under the guidance of Regina Bertipaglia, the founder’s daughter-in-law, the Victor has increased its investment in innovation and quality. The company specializes in the niche vintage sector, and has become well-established in new markets such as the Far East.
Victor polyamide tapes are Oeko-Tex Class I certified, which means they are suitable for use on children’s and babies’ clothing.
The UNI compliant quality control system ensures that the strength and durability of the colours conform to the industry standards.
The company is specialized also in polyamide tape for clothes production for:

  • printed tapes,
  • jacquard,
  • high stability,
  • for furniture

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