Satin tapes manufacturing

Satin tapes manufacturing
Satin tapes manufacturing

Are you looking for a company specialized in satin tapes manufacturing ?
Look no further than Victor and almost seventy years of experience in the tape manufacturing sector.
The story began in the years immediately following the Second World War, when Vittorio Rossi Luciani founded a small textile workshop in the Padua area.
The company started out supplying local tailors and haberdashers.
The search for new styles and fibers, combined with a wide assortment of tapes, enabled the company to win the approval of a large number of demanding customers, both in Italy and abroad.
In 1980 came the turning point: under the leadership of new managing director, Regina Bertipaglia, Victor established working relationships with major fashion houses such as Hugo Boss.
The company supports its customers during all the phases of the production cycle, from proposing graphic designs right through to providing textile sample, as well as providing consultancy on technical and stylistic matters.
All Victor tapes are Oeko-Tex ® Class 1 certified, which means they are also suitable for use on children’s clothing. Moreover, all our tapes can be printed using various kinds of tape, even using special yarns, such as Lurex and Metal, that are capable of enhancing even the most elaborate garments.
The original artisan spirit lives on today in the attention to detail and the synergy between tradition and innovation: the tapes, manufactured using state of the art materials, evoke traditional weaving techniques.
This has enabled Victor to break into niche areas such as the vintage market.
The company is always punctual in its deliveries, thanks in no small part to the way its warehouse is organized. In addition to satin tapes, Victor also produces fabrics, Selvage, fringe, tube, and pleated crinoline tapes.

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