Metropolitan Safari

Spring/Summer 2019

A warm African wind blows and envelops the cities into a comforting embrace that tastes like burnt earth and light, impalpable, generous sand. Neutral shades that come from distant worlds confidently master the urban environment, worn in total looks or fearlessly paired with classic single-colour and b&w outfits. Ideal from sunrise to sunset, variations of beige span across the entire wardrobe: from inevitable khaki overcoats, soft biscuit skirts or wide trousers in elegant light beige tones, better paired with glowing optic white, through to accessories such as bags and shoes. Constantly reinterpreted and adapted to the summer season, the classic trench is embellished with ropes, nets and laces, as in footwear. For the evening, the natural appeal of cottons and linens gives way to sensual and eclectic metal glows, without sacrificing the sandy tones of gold and bronze, provided that they are muted and never too bright. For an eccentric attitude without being too loud.


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