Nastrificio Victor Video

For its historical characteristics, Il Nastrifico Victor can count on a great experience born with the production of ribbons for tailors and haberdasheries and with this experience has turned in recent years to the clothing industry with such a knowledge of fibers and types of weaving that recalls the old styles of tape application. With the use of particular cottons and silks already back then, we have carried on the work in recent years also accustomed to producing small quantities, which has been successful since the clothing industry market turned to produce in the Far East and other foreign countries.
We therefore got used to working on small series and on niche work. The research on the collections is always done by looking for vintage products specifically with regard to men’s clothing we have designed solutions such as non-slip belts, comfort tapes, articles suitable for stretch fabrics, therefore suitable for following the movements of the fabrics.
Ours are warp tapes so each tape needs a certain preparation work in the semi-finished product which involves many hours and for this reason we have considerably increased the number of warp preparation machines in order to be timely for many small quantities. The importance of our items seems minimal compared to the importance that a garment can have because in percentage it covers a small part of the textile element, however it is of fundamental importance for the added value that is given to the garment and the stylistic enrichment therefore our collaboration with the stylists it is always constant. Each garment we wear always has a small textile accessory such as a ribbon, a drawstring or a seam reinforcement rib, so everything behind a garment is certainly also made from “ribbon” type textile products.
The production technical characteristic of these articles is the same as that of a fabric only in reduced dimensions.
We are Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified so all our products can be applied to clothing for children and babies.
This is an added value that we believe is very important for the future of Italian textiles, clothing and fashion.