Clothing fabric tapes

Clothing fabric tapes
Clothing fabric tapes

Victor has been producing clothing fabric tapes for over half a century.
Founded in 1945 by the entrepreneur Vittorio Rossi Luciani, the company began life creating tapes for local tailors and haberdashers. The handover of the leadership to the founder’s young and creative daughter-in-law, breathed new life into the company.
The company’s exclusive and innovative range of products is the result of the spirit of craftsmanship, on which it was founded, combined with increasing wealth of experience and expertise, and has enabled Victor to establish itself on both the domestic and international markets and consolidate a position in such niche areas as the vintage sector.
A preferred partner for several important fashion houses, Victor is synonymous with attention to detail, quality and style.
It is also possible to request the manufacture of tapes on-line.
All products are Oeko-Tex ® class certified, which means they are ideal for use on clothing for babies and children.

Victor is specialized also in clothing embroidered tapes manufacturing:

  • for printed tapes,
  • for jacquard,
  • for hems,
  • to hem

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