Denim tapes production

Denim tapes production
Denim tapes production

If you are looking for denim tapes production, Victor is the right partner for you.
Experience and quality are critical to the success of this tape manufacturer, founded in 1945 by the entrepreneur Vittorio Rossi Luciani. Initially a family-run business, Victor soon established a reputation as one of the leading Italian tape manufacturers, thanks to its unique style, and craftsmanship.
The company’s strengths include a commitment to on-time delivery and the ability to produce even in small batches.
Following the takeover in the eighties, the management of Victor passed into the hands of Regina Bertipaglia, the founder’s young daughter-in-law. Thanks to her insight and passion, the her appointment marked a turning point for the company as it successfully established itself in the highly competitive Far Eastern market. Victor releases declarations of conformity and origin for all its products. The tapes are available in indigo denim yarn, which is ideal for stonewash treatments.
The range also includes articles with jeans selvage, plain, striped, stitched, jacquard, tubular and braidsed effects.
The company is also specialized in denim tapes production:

  • for printed tapes,
  • for jacquard,
  • for selvage effect tapes,
  • for blue tapes,
  • sulphur black dye.

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