Fabric tapes

Fabric tapes
Fabric tapes

Victor has been producing high quality fabric tapes since 1945.
Founded by Vittorio Rossi Luciani, the small family-owned company started life producing tapes for local tailors and haberdashers. After thirty years, the management passed to Regina Bertipaglia, Vittorio’s daughter-in-law. Her uniquely intuitive feminine touch injected new impetus into the company’s activities.
With a history of successes both in the domestic and international markets, the firm has built up a wealth of experience and expertise, while remaining true to its original values of quality and craftsmanship. Its strengths are a vast range of fabrics, including a number exclusive materials, and the ability to produce in retail quantities.
These advantages have enabled the company to win the approval of the most demanding customers, and become the undisputed market leader in niche areas, such as the vintage the sector.
The company is also the first choice for many in the fashion industry; designers, who are well aware of the aesthetic value of each individual detail, frequently turn to Victor for tapes, braidss, trimmings and other articles.
All the company’s products meet the most stringent environmental requirements and are Oeko-Tex ® Class 1 certified, which means they are suitable for use on garments for babies and children.

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