Jacquard tapes manufacturing

Jacquard tapes manufacturing
Jacquard tapes manufacturing

Victor specializes in jacquard tapes manufacturing for the textile and haute couture industries. Starting out as a small weaving workshop, the company expanded rapidly, thanks to the quality of its workmanship and the ability to produce even in small batches.
Compared to the other tape manufacturers, Victor stands out thanks to our knowledge of fibers and fabrics that recall the traditional styles and uses of tapes.
The company has always drawn inspiration from vintage products when designing its collections.
In recent years, Victor has introduced special varieties of cotton and silk in order to conquer niche markets.
The product range includes non-slip tapes for men and tapes that are suitable for use with stretch fabrics, capable of adapting to the movements of the garment.
Jacquard tapes feature geometric designs obtained by alternating multi-colored threads of various hues.
They are produced using cotton, nylon, polyester, polyamide and viscose yarns. The stretch versions may include elastomer or latex rubber. The range also includes high-definition jacquard tapes obtained by weaving small diameter yarns. We can also produce tubular tapes, with tone-on-tone or contrasting text printing.
The company is also specialized in jacquard tapes manufacturing:

  • for printed tapes,
  • for logoed tapes,
  • with logo,
  • for worded tapes,
  • for high definition tapes.

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