Nylon tapes for clothes

Nylon tapes for clothes
Nylon tapes for clothes

Victor is a market leader in the nylon tapes for clothes production. The company was founded in the post-war period on the initiative of Vittorio Rossi Luciani, who started out supplying tapes to tailors and haberdashers.
Thirty years ago, Regina Bertipaglia, Vittorio’s young daughter-in-law, took over the management of the company, bringing renewed vigour to the business.
While remaining true to its principles of craftsmanship and quality, the company has built up considerable know-how and experience, and established a large customer base, both in Italy and abroad.
Victor’s creations are also very popular in niche areas, including the vintage sector.
All the tapes designed for use on clothing are distinguished by durability and attention to detail.
The company is justly proud of its Oeko-Tex ® Class 1 certification, which means its products are suitable for use on maternity clothes.
The company is specialized also in nylon tapes for clothes production for:

  • printed tapes,
  • jacquard,
  • high stability,
  • for furniture.

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