Polyester tapes for clothing

Polyester tapes for clothing
Polyester tapes for clothing

Victor is specialized in polyester tapes for clothing production.
The company was the brainchild of the entrepreneur Vittorio Rossi Luciani, who opened a small textile workshop back in 1945.
From its origins supplying tailors and haberdasheries, in a few short years Victor branched out into the production of a wide range of braids, ribbons and bows for the major fashion houses.
The company also manufacturers decorative tapes.
Victor’s experience and know-how have continued to expand over the years, and the beautiful but durable tapes that distinguish its current product range are the fruit of traditional craftsmanship, combined with new manufacturing techniques.
All items are Oeko-Tex® Class 1 certified, which means they are also suitable for use on clothing for children and infants.
The polyester tapes are available in over 400 colors and the company will be happy to provide samples of various types of polyester tape upon request.
The variety of colours and the wide range of available widths mean that Victor products are extremely versatile and suitable for use in any sector, including vintage.
The tapes are produced in various types of textured polyester, polycotton yarn or glossy polyester yarn.
The variety of yarn is enhanced by different fabric weights and a wide range of decorations: tapes are available in grosgrain, herringbone, canvas and tubular formats.
The company is specialized also in polyester tapes for clothing production for:

  • printed tapes,
  • jacquard,
  • high stability,
  • dimensional stability,
  • for footwear,
  • for shoelaces,
  • for furniture.

Contact the company for more information or to request a sample.

Victor: your only choice for polyester tapes for clothing production.