Rattail tape

Rattail tape
Rattail tape

Victor produces rattail tape, as well as a wide range of ribbons, braids, cords and ribbons. The story began in 1945, when Vittorio Rossi Luciani opened a small, family run workshop supplying local tailors and haberdashers. Thanks to the attention to detail and the ability to manufacture even in small batches, Victor quickly became one of the most important Italian tape manufacturers.
The style, which is reminiscent of traditional manufacturing techniques, has enabled the company to establish itself in niche markets such as the vintage sector.
In the eighties the leadership of Victor passed into the hands of Regina Bertipaglia, the founder’s young daughter-in-law.
The generational change injected new impetus into the company, enabling it to modernize while remaining true to the original values on which it was founded.
The continuous search for new technical and design solutions enabled the company to establish itself as a one of the main suppliers of the fashion industry all over the world.
An important feature of the company’s products is the Oeko-Tex ® Class 1 certification, which means that all its products are suitable for use on children’s clothing and accessories.

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