Textile tape manufacturers

Textile tape manufacturers
Textile tape manufacturers

Nastrificio Victor is a foremost Italian textile tape manufacturers. The company opened its doors in the years immediately following the Second World War, when the Rossi Luciani family opened a small laboratory supplying local tailors and haberdashers.
Victor expanded rapidly, while maintaining the quality craftsmanship of its origins.
The ability to manufacture in small batches and the exclusive style of its tapes make Victor a preferred supplier of many fashion houses, both in Italy and abroad.
The eighties ushered in a handover from one generation to the next, and a significant leap forward: Regina Bertipaglia, Luciani’s young daughter-in-law, took up the reins, instilling new life into the company and bringing with her a distinctly feminine management style.
The know-how and experience acquired over the years have been fundamental in establishing the Victor name in the Far Eastern markets, where the emphasis on the craftsmanship which lies at the heart of the company adds to the perceived value of the its products.
The wide range of products, coupled with the ability to manufacture in small batches, make Victor an industry benchmark for those seeking niche solutions, such as vintage styles and designs.
All tapes are Oeko-Tex® Class 1, which means they are suitable for use on maternity clothing and garments for infants.

When it comes to textile tape manufacturers, Victor is second to none.