We create Trendbooks each year, one of which is called Contemporary, which primarily features more contemporary, classic and Ready-to-Wear clothing, while the other, Sport, contains athletic and technical clothing. These trendbooks are initially prepared through trend research: we analyse the colours, materials, and what will become the theme of the next season. Once the graphic part is ready, the ribbons from the latest collections are applied. Then they are delivered to our main agents, who take them around the world to show to customers. Spring/Summer 2022 will be a very colourful season, especially as regards sportswear. One of the main new features in these two collections is the recycled fibre ribbons, along with polyester and nylon. Another novelty is seen in ribbons with aglets, which are used as shoelace tips. In addition are tracked ribbons. One of our specialities are jacquard ribbons, which we have always presented in all of our collections. They can make any kind of brand, logo or type of design readable. Those interested in obtaining more information about our ribbons or making an appointment with an agent can visit, and contact the agent in your area to view the spring/summer 2022 collection.