Viscose tapes

Viscose tapes
Viscose tapes

Victor has been producing viscose tapes for over 50 years.
The company is a good example of the successful North-Eastern Italian business model.
In 1945, the Rossi Luciani family opened a small textile workshop supplying local tailors and haberdashers. The workshop soon began to diversify, increasing its range of products and taking on more staff in order to meet a growing demand in both the domestic and the international markets.
Customers appreciate the high quality of the workmanship, the ability to manufacture in small batches, and a style that harks back to traditional and vintage yarns.
This has enabled Victor to break into niche areas such as the vintage market.
The generational change of the eighties rapidly transformed the company into a preferred partner for some of the most important fashion houses and textile manufacturers.
The untreated viscose tapes can be dyed and are available in a wide range of weaves such as grosgrain and herringbone.
Victor can print text on cotton-based Jacquard tapes and stretch tapes with cotton base, in order to obtain tone-on-tone matte or glossy type effects after dyeing.
All items are Oeko-Tex ® Class 1 certified, which means that they suitable for use on garments for babies and children.

The company is also specialized in viscose tapes production for:

  • printed tapes,
  • jacquard,
  • dye ready fabric,
  • garment dyed.

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