Wool tapes production

Wool tapes production
Wool tapes production

Victor sets the benchmark for wool tapes production. The company has been active since 1945, the year Vittorio Rossi Luciani founded a small family business specializing in the manufacture of tapes for tailors and haberdashers.
Located in the province of Padua, over time the company has expanded its range of products and has become a preferred supplier for numerous Italian and international fashion names.
Creativity, taste and the quality of materials distinguish Victor products: braids, cords, bows, various types of ribbons etc.
Thanks to the clever mix of technological innovation and craftsmanship, the company’s tapes represent the ideal solution to even the most demanding customer’s requirements.
The checks carried out on the strength and tone of the color, together with the Oeko-Tex ® Class 1 certification, guarantee that the products meet the highest quality standards, and that they are suitable for use on clothing for children and infants.
There are numerous tape weaves available, including: herringbone, canvas, braidsed and jacquard.
The company is also specialized in wool tapes production for:

  • printed tapes,
  • jacquard,
  • brushed fleece fabric,
  • brushed fleece look,
  • for babies,
  • for winter clothing,
  • for jackets,
  • for coats.

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