Cotton and organic cotton tapes

We use raw cotton that is transformed and dyed in Italy, with the use of our vast colour chart or according to the specific needs of the customer.

  • Stabilised for low shrinkage when washed
  • Whole colour, striped, with stitching, plain and jacquard, also with polyester wording to retain colouring during garment dyeing
  • Wide variety of weights and types: herringbone, canvas, light canvas structures, tubular, multiple herringbone, braided, etc.
  • About 300 colours, with capability for production to customer’s sample (various yarn thicknesses)
  • Various widths
  • Mélange yarn in various colours
  • Denim indigo yarn suitable for bleached and stone washed treatments
  • Constant quality inspections to UNI standards on colour fastness and shade
  • Oeko -Tex class I and European Reach regulation certification

All our articles come complete with a declaration of the products’ conformity and origin, and we are also prepared to respond to any special analysis requirements with certification issued by competent bodies.

Fibre types

Product types