Elastic tapes

Our elastics can be made of cotton, polyester, cotton polyester, polyamide, both with latex rubber and elastane. The latter can be neutral, a blend, striped, personalised jacquard, buttonholed, crocheted, of different types and strengths, in heights up to 100 mm. Their characteristics of strength, resistance and repeated elongation make them suitable for nearly all applications.

  • Produced using polyester, nylon, polyamide and cotton yarns, with coated rubber on some types for greater strength when sewing, with elastomer on lightweight types
  • Various types and weights, whole colour, striped, jacquard, suitable for various internal and external uses, such as waistbands, braces and shoulder straps, with non-slip rubber for technical sportswear
  • Version with central buttonholes for adjustable waistbands for children’s and maternity wear

All our articles come complete with a declaration of the products’ conformity and origin, and we are also prepared to respond to any special analysis requirements with certification issued by competent bodies.

Fibre types

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