When a new collection is born - Viviana Research & Desing consultant

“Every new collection is born here, in this room, from a mix of research and study of trend books, the latest productions and a perusal through our historical archive,” Viviana tells us, while they begin to select the themes and colours for the next season in the office. The work then moves forward with the accompaniment of a sequence of inspirational images as it is necessary to “create a story, starting from a ribbon or cord that convey sensations, when paired with other pieces”.

It is the right synergy that triggers the need to create something new that only the customer can then interpret, creating a one of a kind garment. The result is a contemporary book dedicated to classic clothing and accessories, and a sports book that features sportswear and technical pieces.

The best thing? “I never tire of going into our archives to pull out forgotten ribbons, authentic pieces of history that regain their value by being recontextualised in the present. Today, for example, we are seeing a revival of the 2000s, and we deliberately seek out original articles”.