A long history of woven tapes

At Nastrificio Victor, we process a large variety of fibres with different looms to obtain thousands of different ribbons, cords and elastic bands that are 100% made in Italy, all produced in our factory in the province of Padua.


Fibre types

The following fibres are tested in their original state, and then re-checked in our quality department. The large variety of yarns allows us to obtain infinite variations with excellent results.


Product types

We employ the best technologies to offer new and trendy ribbons, while also maintaining traditional looms that allow us to create timeless products.


Raw Materials

New materials that come together, new fibres, new chromatic solutions, new production systems and machinery: this is Nastrificio Victor today. This is also the starting point for the future, towards which the company constantly looks.

Nastrificio Victor uses a wide range of raw materials, from natural (cotton, organic cotton, wool, silk, linen) and synthetic yarns (polyester, recycled polyester, cotton polyester, high tenacity nylon, polyamide, recycled polyamide and chenille), which are certified and subject to strict controls.

Each type of yarn has a rich colour selection, most of which are in stock, with a short production lead time to meet customer needs.