We are very proud to collaborate with the non-profit associations below to support social inclusion and health-related projects. Doing business is not just a question of profits: it also implies social responsibility.

This year, we lent our support to the “Supporting Teaching” Association, and its agriculture and sewing projects in Kenya.

Our association promotes and carries out projects in poor countries in Africa, to teach a craft to young adults over the age of 18.

We have visited Kenya for nearly 20 years: year after year, we have built water wells, helped children with remote “adoptions”, assisted the elderly with food, and more. We currently operate in Nyahururu, a town approximately 200 km north of Nairobi, on a plateau at 2,400 metres.

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Bambini delle Fate (Fairy Children)for social inclusion

Bambini delle Fate is a social enterprise that has been involved since 2005 in ensuring economic support for social inclusion projects and paths managed by local partners, to benefit the families of those with autism and other disabilities.

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Novella Fronda FoundationBrain Health non-profit

The goal of the foundation is to promote knowledge of some of the most widespread brain diseases affecting the general population, by means of qualified scientific research.

Children and adolescents: problems of a cognitive nature, substance use/addiction (alcohol, tobacco smoke, hashish, cocaine and others) and behavioural problems (gambling, addictions to smartphones, video games and more). Adults: substance and behavioural addictions.

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De Leo Fund

We seek to comfort and embrace those who are facing the immense pain of a traumatic loss.

The De Leo Fund is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 by Cristina and Diego De Leo, with Federica Zoppellaro and Arianna Caldon. We were born to support the human, existential and psychological condition of all those who have suffered traumatic bereavement (road and work accidents, suicide, murder, natural disasters, human error). We have taken this path because we firmly believe that it is useful to share stories, memories, experiences and feelings amongst those who are suffering the same pain. Grieving is the process of finding ways to integrate the memories of your loved one with the legacy of emotions and experiences they left behind. In this way, the loss can become less painful over time.

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Ricerca Biomedica Avanzata(Advanced Biomedical Research) Foundation

The foundation currently represents one of the centres of excellence at an international level for research in cellular and molecular biology.

Thanks to a partnership with the University of Padua, the hospital, and local private companies, the foundation aims to be a driver of scientific, cultural, economic and social growth for the area. The common thread of the research projects is the study of cellular signals (signalling). Understanding the mechanisms through which cells communicate with each other is of primary importance in order to understand the causes of many diseases that are currently incurable, and therefore to develop new therapeutic strategies.

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Cooperativa Sociale Magnolia(Magnolia Social Cooperative)

Magnolia is a cooperative that manages four social welfare and educational services for people of adult age that have physical, cognitive and psycho-sensorial disabilities.

To date, 3 day centres and a community accommodation welcome a total of nearly 80 guests. The heart of the cooperative is taking charge of the Personalised Project, which is renewed on an annual basis with the aim of responding to the diversified personal needs of each person involved over time. Based on the offering, daytime activities vary from the more occupational area, with workshops for the decoration of ceramics, terracotta, assembly (in collaboration with external companies), light carpentry and the care of small plants and flowers in a greenhouse.

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Veneto Asperger Group

The Asperger Group was founded in 2003 on the initiative of some parents of people with relationship and communication problems not yet recognised in autism.

Its mission is to take action on scientific guidelines, the involvement of people with autism in the choices that affect them, and self advocacy. The Asperger Group collaborates with other organisations for the protection of people with autism and disabilities, making its own specific contribution. Since its inception, it has sought to cover the needs of the entire country, contributing to the creation of regional associations over the years in Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy and Veneto, with which it shares goals and principles. Other projects are more inherent in maintaining the basic autonomy of the person, and in the search for multisensory languages other than the commonly verbal means of communication.

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Un Cuore Un MondoPadua association(One Heart, One World)

The association “Un Cuore Un Mondo – Padua”, a non-profit, was founded in 1993 by a group of parents of children with heart disease, with the aim of supporting families experiencing the same issues. Assistance to face and overcome the illness of your child.

Solidarity is the element that best defines this association; over the years, it decided to expand its institutional activity by raising funds to support the Paediatric Cardiology and Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Departments of the Padua Hospital. The Un Cuore Un Mondo – Padua Association decided to support the two Departments, as Padua is the largest centre in north-east Italy and a centre of excellence in cardiology and paediatric cardiac surgery at a national and European level.

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Alessandra Miotto Onlus

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Città della SperanzaFoundation

The name Città della Speranza, or “City of Hope”, is inspired by an American foundation of the same name, from whose operating methods we sought to take inspiration. This first and foremost regards transparency, money management and effectiveness. It sought to imagine that even sick children could live their daily lives in a happy city, able of giving them hope for their future. And so it did.

The “Città della Speranza” Foundation was founded on 16 December 1994 in memory of Massimo, a child who passed away due to leukaemia. The primary objective of the foundation was to raise funds to build a new and modern paediatric oncohematology ward, as the one existing at the time was completely insufficient and unsuitable to house sick children and their families in a dignified manner. After having built the Paediatric Oncohematology Clinic in Padua, the foundation continued its commitment and built the new Day Hospital and Research Laboratories in 1998, as well as the new Paediatric Emergency Department of Padua in 2003.

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Benedetta D'IntinoFoundation

The Bendetta D’Intino Foundation aims to improve the quality of life of children with mental and physical disabilities in Italy and worldwide, by promoting their care, assistance and integration within families and society.

More than 3,500 psychological support interventions have taken place per year for children, adolescents, and parents, and more than 1,800 for augmentative alternative communication with children from all over Italy. Each intervention is based on the analysis of the child’s life context by professionals with specific training and proven experience in the treatment of persons with psychophysical illnesses and disabilities. The Benedetta D’Intino Centre takes on a cultural challenge to promote early intervention.

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