Fashion and the pandemic: a look at the future of fashion

We Ar Magazine interviewed Regina Bertipaglia, owner of Nastrificio Victor SpA, on the occasion of the round table entitled “The Future of Fashion”.

“As we begin to look at life post Covid-19, how do you think the fashion industry will change? How do you anticipate the supply and demand chain and customer management to alter? And what will it take for brands / retailers to recover their losses?”

“The pandemic accelerated the movement towards sustainable fashion that was already under way, which was met with the response of consumers who embraced a concept of “ethics” rather than “style” during periods of crisis. It has also been seen that digitisation processes cannot be delayed, as they will play an increasingly key role.

Sustainability and digitalisation therefore represent the way to escape market turbulence unscathed, and strengthened by added values.

This must be taken into account in the reorganisation of the post-pandemic fashion industry. We must seize the opportunity to develop ourselves with new strategies and reaffirm our commitment to an increasingly green fashion future, which includes a review of its seasonal organisation”.