Color Digital - Process digitisation

In collaboration with the German company Color Digital, Nastrificio Victor has started the digitisation process for all items. This process allows us to collaborate with our customers in making our collections available in digital format with high photographic resolution, and as 3D models.

Our cloud-based platform allows the product to be modified, by changing the colour, finish, and texture of the fabric, in order to obtain an article that meets the customised needs of the customer.

The digital model thus created can in turn be inserted into the customer’s digital collections, for a detailed view of the application on each individual garment.

Thanks to the new Cloud platform you will be able to:
– See our updated collections
– Take a look at your 3D samples, without shipping waitings
– Have reliable color cards thanks to the spectrophotometer
– Connect your design CAD to Color digital software and discover all the benefits

Contact us to have the access to Color Digital Cloud!