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Not only woven tapes...

Whatever Happens… You're wearing a Victor woven tape.

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Our Woven Tapes

Cotton Tapes

Stabilised for low shrinkage when washed. Whole colour, striped, with stitching, plain and jacquard, also with polyester wording to retain colouring... continue »


Wool Tapes

Produced with 100% Wool yarn. Various types of pattern: herringbone, canvas, braided, jacquard. The customer’s wool can be used... continue »


Silk Tapes

Produced with 100% Silk yarn. Whole and mélange colours. Stabilised to reduce shrinkage when washed. Production of colourless light canvas... continue »


Polyester Tapes

Produced with 100% Polyester textured yarns in various yarn counts, with 100% Polycotton yarn and with Glossy Polyester yarn. About 400 colours, with capability... continue »


Nylon Tapes

Produced with High Tenacity Nylon yarn. Heavy tapes, including types suitable for footwear, and various relief herringbone and rib types in a variety of weights... continue »


Lurex / Metal Tapes

Produced with Lurex yarn and Metal yarn for very unusual, striking articles. Yarns are used on jacquard tapes for highlighted wording... continue »

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